Featured Filipino Hoteliers / Restaurateur

This portion of the site is specially dedicated to the people who “really” runs the hotel. Most of the times, we find interviews with the General Managers, Executive Chefs and the big shots of the hospitality industry on magazines and TV shows. But how about the people behind the scenes?

I have already featured several hoteliers here and in case you have someone, a friend, relative or colleague that you want to be featured (of course he or she needs to be a hotelier or an ex-hotelier or someone related in the field), please leave a reply on the comment section or send in your inquiry in the Contact page and we’ll do the deal.

Happy reading!

1. A Day in a Life of a Business Center Team Leader

2. A Day in a Life of a Demi Chef de Partie

3. A Day in a Life of an Assistant Restaurant Manager

4. A Day in a Life of A Cruise Ship Stewardess

5. A Day in a Life of a Bartender 


4 thoughts on “Featured Filipino Hoteliers / Restaurateur

  1. We are looking for an Accounting Supervisor for Oracle Hotel located in 317 Katipunan,QC. You might have colleagues who are interested for our hiring.
    You can reach me at 926.7777 loc. 7334. Thank you!
    – Man Der Tseng Executive Assistant/HR


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