How to Judge a Great Wine List

Wine critic Elin McCoy, a judge in 2015’s World of Fine Wine’s annual wine list awards, had made a list of what she perceives a great wine list should be made up of.

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Usability and Basics

Readability, accuracy, and a clear, attractive, user-friendly format.


Like curious wine lovers who view ordering a single glass as a cheap way to try something new or special


Yes, the wine selections should match the style of the restaurant’s food, but I was also sniffing out the breadth, diversity, and depth in regions, styles, flavors, and vintages of the choices.

Point of View 

Lists seem to be getting shorter, more concise and creative, which is merciful when you just want to pick something quickly. And careful selections can easily trump sheer size.

Fantasy, Indulgence, Education

I’m also a fan of wine lists that look for ways to broaden knowledge without trying to instruct.


Feeling ripped off definitely takes away from dining pleasure, so I looked for value for money.

Read the full article here 



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