Never Leave a Bad Taste (when leaving your current company)

Many of us leave our current companies for better opportunities, salary and packages or higher positions. But some of us leave because we feel frustrated when we don’t get what we want. We don’t get the promised bonus, promotion or increment. We become bitter. We swear that we will leave the company and that they will not get any replacement as good as ourselves.

But do you think that the company will really cry about losing you and stop their operations just because you left them?

Get real. They will hire someone else, if not as good maybe better than you and even pay them a higher rate than they have paid you.

It hurts right? It makes you fume thinking that you have given all you efforts, time and energy to the company and they will just treat you the way you think you don’t deserve.

So there you go. You will curse at your manager and human resources, hit them hard on the exit interview and whatever else you can do to avenge yourself.

But, do you think this will do you any good?

Not really. 

In places like the UAE where the hospitality industry is literally a small world, leaving your company on a negative note will do you more harm than you think it would.

Hotels in the UAE literally sprout like mushrooms. They build hotels every where and they build the structures really fast. This could mean high staff turnover. Newly built hotels poach good staff from other hotels and offer better packages and this makes the hoteliers in the UAE a bit of a spoiled brat. You don’t give them what they want, they move to the nearest possible newly opened hotel that will coddle their vanity.

It’s alright to move to a new company if that means you’ll get a better opportunity. But when you leave, never leave a bad taste. Why?

  • As mentioned, UAE is a small world for hoteliers. You leave your hotel today, tomorrow or the next day you’ll see a previous colleague or boss sitting next to you at the staff cafeteria of your new work place.
  • You might hate (and curse) your boss today and leave him but tomorrow your new boss will be the best friend of your previous boss. Everyone’s just connected. And I guess you know what happens next.
  • When you leave the company with a positive note, there are high chances that they will take you back for employment later on in case you would like to go back.
  • It’s really easy to track your performance. It’s very easy to do a background check.
  • You’ll never know who among your current colleagues or bosses will be of helping hand in the future.
  • There are great  bosses. Really. There are. When they leave the company, they keep in mind those staff or colleague that they would like to work with in the future. You might not get your promotion today for some reasons, but building a good image will help a lot. And when you have a good image, people remember you. A lot of bosses do. So be nice, you’ll never know what’s in store for you.
  • What goes around comes around. Need I say more?

So no matter how hurt or bitter you are about how your current company is treating you, just keep quiet and continue to be nice. If you want to leave, leave quietly and in a manner that everyone will remember you in a good way.

As I said, you’ll never know.


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